Eucharist Revival Speakers

In the United States, a three year movement has been started to help all Catholics be healed and formed by an encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist. Mayslake Ministries is pleased to offer three gifted Catholic speakers to assist your parish to rekindle their love for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

Dr. Mary Amore

Conference Presenter

Dr. Mary Amore, Executive Director holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Liturgy and Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Catholic Theological Union. Dr. Amore is the author of three books: Primary Symbols of Worship and the Call to Participation, Every day with Mary, and Every Day with Joseph, as well as the creator of two DVD Series: Eucharist: Pathway of Transformation, Healing and Discipleship, and From Mary’s Heart to Yours, published by Pauline Media.

A Cardinal Bernardin Scholar and distinguished member of the North American Academy of Liturgy, Mary has been a presenter at the LA Congress, University of Dallas Ministry Conference, Diocese of New Hampshire Ministry Conference, as well as conducting parish missions, retreats, and adult faith formation programs.

Dr. Amore is also the creator and host of two cable television shows, Soul Snackin with Dr. Mary Amore and A Willing Spirit, and has hosted a radio show on Radio Maria. Dr. Amore serves as the full time Executive Director of Mayslake Ministries.

Dr. Mary Amore is a proud member of the Catholic speakers' bureau, CMG Booking.

Topics include:

  • Eucharist
  • Sacraments
  • Pope Francis
  • From Mary’s Heart to Yours
  • St. Joseph
  • Intimacy with God
  • Women’s Spirituality
  • Developing a Healthy Prayer Life

Joyce S. Donahue

Conference Presenter

Joyce S. Donahue holds a Masters in Pastoral Studies in Liturgy from Loyola Institute of Ministry, a Master’s Degree in English from University of Illinois, and post graduate studies at University of Illinois. Joyce has served as the Associate Director for Child, Family Formation, and Office of Youth Formation at the Diocese of Joliet.

She is the author of Gentle Jesus, a First Eucharist sacramental preparation; From Mass to Mission: Understanding the Mass and Its Significance for Our Christian Life for Children, as well as numerous articles in magazines.

Joyce is also a facilitator of online courses at University of Dayton and has extensive and practical expertise in faith formation of children, parents and catechists, liturgical and family catechesis, and is knowledgeable in catechesis with Hispanics and for persons with special needs.

Topics include:

  • Eucharist
  • Catechumenate
  • Discipleship and Liturgy
  • Evangelization
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Parish Administration
  • Theology

Michael Lewandowski

Conference Presenter

Michael Lewandowski holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, and currently the Pastoral Associate for St. Joan of Arc Parish in Lisle, IL. Michael has also served in the Diocese of Joliet for over a decade in a variety of capacities, including RCIA programs, Confirmation programs, Baptismal prep, and Bible Studies.

Michael’s passion is Scripture, specifically how the Old Testament foreshadows the New Testament, and his presentations include: How to interpret Scripture, Theology of the Body, The Sacraments in Scripture, and the lives of the Saints.

Michael is married, and he and his wife has six children, including two sets of twins.

  • “A Woman Clothed with the Sun”: The Virgin Mary in the Pages of Scripture
  • “Bread from Heaven”: The Eucharist Foreshadowed in the Old Testament
  • “Waters of Life”: How the Sacrament of Baptism was Foreshadowed in Ancient Israel.
  • “The New Exodus”: How the Gospels Reveal Jesus as the New Moses.
  • “As Numerous as the Stars”: Abraham and the Coming of Christ.
  • “A Man after God’s own Heart”: The Promises of David and their Fulfillment in Christ
  • St. Theresa of Avila: From Indecision to the Inner Castle
  • The Call of Mary: Fatima and the Power of the Rosary