Coming Home - A Healing Retreat for Veterans - October 2022

I am having difficulty getting used to civilian life. I am impatient and frustrated and find myself isolating. I cannot sleep and when I do sleep I have nightmares. I experience intense emotions like guilt, anger, and resentment. I often turn to unhealthy activities to mask my pain. My friends and family don’t understand me. They don't "get it."

Sound Familiar?

Mayslake Ministries offers FREE spiritual outreach programs to our military men and women suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. This unique, non-religious, spiritually focused, retreat specifically addresses the issue of Post Traumatic Spiritual Stress.

It is a two-night weekend retreat, starting at 6pm Friday evening, offered to veterans and a significant other (attendance encouraged) in a place of safety, respite and support.

Retreat leader, and US Army veteran, Sr. Linda McClenahan served as a communications Sergeant in Vietnam. "Sister Sarge" is a licensed Professional Counselor and Therapist whose ministry has helped hundreds of veterans deal with trauma. Sr. Linda is assisted by Tim Sullivan, a Vietnam combat veteran.

For more information, contact Mayslake Ministries at 630-852-9000 or Tim Sullivan at, 630-701-8199