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Eucharist: A Journey of Transformation, Healing, and Discipleship

Published by Pauline Books and Media

In this three-part series, Dr. Mary Amore weaves together Scripture, heartwarming stories, and clear presentations of Catholic teaching.

Whether you struggle to find a reason to go to Sunday Mass every week, or you want to reawaken your love for Jesus in the Eucharist, sharing this one hour with renowned speaker Dr. Mary Amore will lead you to discover new meaning in the Eucharist for your everyday life. Weaving together Scripture, heartwarming stories, and easy-to-understand presentations of Catholic teaching, Eucharist: A Journey of Transformation, Healing, and Discipleship, will set you on fire with love for Jesus in the Eucharist. In this three-part series, Amore invites us to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist in three ways: to be spiritually transformed, renewed in your discipleship, and spiritually healed.

This one powerful hour will forever change your experience of the Eucharist-one of the Catholic Church’s greatest mysteries and daily miracles.

Features & Benefits

  • Idea for faith formation groups, parish missions, or individual retreats

  • Includes a group guide

  • Encourages deeper Eucharistic devotion

  • Three 20 minute segments on spiritual transformation, discipleship, and healing


From Mary's Heart to Yours

Published by Pauline Books and Media

Get to really know the Mother of Jesus from the rich twofold perspective of Scripture and a woman’s heart.

From Mary’s Heart to Yours is a three-part presentation that uses Gospel accounts as its foundation to lead us into Mary’s real life as a first-century Jewish teenager, woman, and mother. Mary’s faith is not only genuine and imitable; it also reveals the path of faith that we are invited to walk today-in Mary’s footsteps.

Part 1: Mother of Our Savior (20 min.)
Part 2: Finding and Letting Go (11 min.)
Part 3: A Sword Shall Pierce Your Heart (12 min.)

Ideal for women’s faith formation groups, prayer groups, retreats, and parish missions. The program includes a Leader’s Guide, printable from the DVD, which includes:

  • Reflection questions (Parts 1-3)

  • Video demonstrations for each prayer ritual

Features & Benefits

  • Three-part format is easily adaptable for parish groups and retreats

  • Leader’s Guide facilitates use for various venues


Eucharistic Adoration: Love, Mercy, and Friendship with Jesus

Published by Pauline Books and Media

Drawing on her experience in Eucharistic ministry and her love of the sacrament, Mary Amore takes viewers on a spiritual journey as she teaches about devotion to the Blessed Sacrament in this three-part DVD.

In Part I, Dr. Amore delves into the history of Adoration, using religious images and quotes from the saints along with an easy-to-understand history of how the practice came to be. In Part II, she illustrates how this practice will deepen your relationship with Jesus into a unique friendship available to all the faithful through this age-old devotion. She also reminds viewers of the call to evangelize the good news of Christ to others and how the Blessed Sacrament will strengthen us for this journey. Part III contains an easy and practical tutorial for beginning Eucharistic Adoration.

Features & Benefits

  • Divided into three easy-to-view sections

  • Perfect for individual, group, or parish use

  • Nationally recognized trainer of Eucharistic ministers

  • Easy-to-understand explanation of the devotion for beginners

What Are People Saying about this Title?

“This would be excellent for parish groups hoping to begin or renew Eucharistic adoration in their community. Individuals who are unsure of what Eucharistic adoration is would benefit from this presentation. I highly recommend this DVD for parish and Catholic middle school and high school libraries.”
- JoAnne Griebel, Catholic Library World, Vol. 87 No. 4