Sacred Presence Spiritual Director Formation Program

This intensive ten-month program provides men and women with the spiritual formation and necessary skills to answer God’s call to the ministry of Spiritual Direction, while earning a professional certificate in Spiritual Direction.

The program is staffed by a team of practicing Mayslake Ministries Spiritual Directors and affiliates who for decades, have accompanied spiritual seekers on their journey to grow closer to God.

About the Program

  • 2 Online Retreat Days
  • 6 Formation Modules (6 weeks each)
  • Online Program
  • Guided Independent Study
  • Traditional & Contemporary Catholic resources
  • Mastery of 15 Practice Skills
  • 120+ hours of Skills Practice
  • Affordable Payment Options
  • Professional Certification in Spiritual Direction earned in 10 months

2023 – 2024 Module Topics & Schedule

All classes will be conducted online this year.

Sep 8 & 9 Opening Retreat
Sep 14 Skills Orientation
Sep 21 Module #1: Who is Jesus? What does it mean to be human?
Nov 2 Module #2: What would Jesus have me do? Discipleship in the Modern World
Christmas Break
Jan 4 Module #3: Healthy Human Development
Feb 15 Module #4: Healthy Spiritual Development
Apr 4 Module #5: The Function of Spiritual Direction: Discernment
May 16 Module #6: Living the Christian Life in the Modern World
June 22, 2024 Final Retreat and Ceremony

Basic Requirements

Candidates are required to:

  • Be in Spiritual Direction.
  • Meet online with cohort to practice skills on assigned Thursday evenings.
  • Connect with module facilitators throughout sessions.
  • Select a practice directee to journey with throughout the program.
  • Complete all Module assignments by deadlines.


A cradle Catholic, I started my journey into the diaconate in 2013 at 51 years of age, having no idea what spiritual direction was. Spiritual direction became part of my diaconate formation program. In time, I realized how spiritual direction is a personal way to further my relationship with Christ, and to understand the man God created me to be, including my own call to become a spiritual director.  The Sacred Presence Formation Program at Mayslake Ministries was more fulfilling and rewarding that anything I could have imagined. In those ten months of formation, I bonded with my classmates and facilitators through shared and honest dialogue, brought to life through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

It is my hope that in my ministry as a deacon, husband, father, and a spiritual director, I can bring others into a relationship with Christ, and through Christ and guided by his Spirit, help individuals to know themselves for the person God created them to be.

— Deacon Rocco Busato (2023)

I am a Catholic priest from India, ministering in the Archdiocese of Chicago. For the past 26 years, I have been enjoying my ministry among the people in India and now in the United States. While busy with sacramental and administrative ministries, I always felt that there was something missing in my ministry. This inner quest increased year after year, and I finally discerned that God was calling me to become a Spiritual Director. The thought of it filled my heart with great peace. The Lord directed me to Mayslake Ministries, and to their Sacred Presence Program for the Formation of Spiritual Directors

The six modules are well-designed and very much to the tune of my soul. The sessions are a blend of reflective and interactive, including readings, presentations, and shared discussions. From my experience of the Sacred Presence program I learned the importance of the other, compassionate listening to the story of another, and an assurance to accompany the other on his/her journey. The skills that I learned in Sacred Presence for this mission are wonderful.

Sacred Presence is a program designed for those who desire an inner thirst to grow spiritually. As the light gives light to another, those trained in the Ministry of Spiritual Direction at Mayslake Ministries, cannot help but shine light for/with the other.  

— Fr. Jesudas Gudime (2023)

"The modules are brilliantly designed, and the course as a whole far exceeded my expectations. The personal spiritual growth aspect was like none other and would be a powerful stand-alone experience. We all, students and teachers, enjoyed the ZOOM platform. Our faith sharing transcended the medium, and offered all of us true companionship with one another."

— Anne H. (2021)